DepartmentNatural Sciences


The Department of Natural Sciences was established in 2012. It is comprised of members of the former Departments of Earth and Environmental Sciences (established in 1996) and Medico-biological Sciences (established in 1994).

The Department conducts scientific research in the fields of ecology and environmental protection, rotational geodynamics, mineralogy and crystallography, monitoring of natural disasters, quality of life, conservation of natural resources, food quality, new materials, ecological fertilizers and soil improvers, alternative tourism.

The Department holds ongoing seminars, TERRA nostra and TERRA nostra – junior, where the latest scientific achievements of lecturers and students in the programs are presented. The Department organises the annual science conference Ecologizing (2009-2013). In the period of 2014-2017 it co-organized the International VSU science conference.




The Department has developed and academically manages the Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Ecology and Environmental Protection, General and Applied Biology, Earth Sciences, Earth Sciences and Alternative Energy; the Master's Degree Programs in Environmental Expertise and Control, International Alternative Tourism, Environmental Management, Ecology and Sustainable Development", Geotechnics and Renewable Energy Sources, Geology and Jewellery Design (jointly with the Department of Fine Arts). Additionally, the teaching team a has years of experience in distance learning - the programmes are offered in both full-time and distance learning. The programmes of the Department of Natural Sciences are accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency.

The Department has agreements under the Erasmus programme for student and teacher exchange.
The teaching and research units - the Geology Laboratory, Natural Disasters and Risks Laboratory, Biology Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, the Marine Biology Laboratory - Sozopol, Laboratory of Botany and Zoology, Laboratory of Anatomy and Histology, are established at separate departments of NBU but are academically managed by the Department of Natural Sciences.

Head of Department:
Assoc. Prof. Galina Satchanska, Ph. D.
Building 2, Room 606
tel.: 02/8110 606

Maria Borisova
Building 2, Room 606
tel.: 02/8110 606
e-mail: mborisova@nbu.bg